Our season just extended through Feb 10th, 2015 so we may hunt our entire late RUT in Barbour County, AL

Located in Barbour County, Alabama, a few miles south of Eufaula, White Oak Creek Hunting Lodge provides a relaxing, rewarding and quality hunting experience. The lodge property encompasses over 2800 acres of prime hunting land and is located in the famous “Black Belt” of Alabama, long considered the trophy region of the state, populated with a strong, healthy herd of whitetail deer, wild turkeys, and dove. White Oak Creek flows into Lake Eufaula and branches throughout the lodge property.

White Oak Creek Hunting Lodge has more than 120 stands and 55 game plots placed strategically throughout the property. We plant both spring and fall plots along with a year round supplemental feeding program of protein pellets and corn to insure adequate food sources for our game and to hold them on our property.

We have an abundant turkey population on the lodge property to provide great hunting opportunities.Additionally, fields at the White Oak Creek Lodge are planted to shoot when the doves are flying.

David Paulk, the owner and operator of the business, has hunted the property for 35 years and managed the property for trophy whitetail bucks for the last 18 years. He is committed to making your stay at the lodge enjoyable and comfortable, while giving you the best opportunity for a successful hunt. Great southern food and clean lodging facilities are included in all hunting packages. Full cleaning facilities are provided for game taken on your hunt. Additionally, there is a deer processor located two miles from the lodge.

Give me a call at 334-585-6644 or send me an email whiteoakcreeklodge@gmail.com for more information about booking a hunt for the upcoming season. Come see what we have spent over 30 years enhancing and improving for a great outdoor experience. You will not be disappointed!