Our property consists of 2800 acres of prime hunting land. We have 120+ permanent stands. We plant 55 game plots to provide the needed nutrition for the game all year round. All bucks taken must have 4 points on one side and be at least 16” wide. This is the minimum size buck we are looking to shoot. Dead bucks don’t grow! We also do not allow 4-wheelers to be ridden on the hunting property during the season to make sure the game is not spooked by riders. We provide 4-wheelers to use for game retrieval only. See below for photos of our property

In addition to planting all our plots in the fall, we also plant corn and LabLab (38% protein) in the spring. We have just added a new year-round supplemental feeding program of a mix of protein pellets to grow a healthier herd and to hold the game on our property

Stands, Plots, and Land


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